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A unique approach - building and sustaining the IBP process your business needs

Many organisations still struggle to execute the Integrated Business planning (IBP) process that they want.  Research shows that despite IBP being a well-defined and established approach, it remains at only basic competency level in around 75% of the organisations.  Other organisations find that their IBP process effectiveness diminishes over time after a positive start (and often significant investment).

Typically, the support on offer to address these problems is heavily supply chain-orientated and focuses on the process, systems and data aspects of IBP.  However, participants in IBP will report that whilst better data, a clearer process or more efficient systems would certainly help, they do not address the most elusive requirement for impactful and sustained IBP –

genuine cross-functional engagement and participation in the process.

Blueglass Consulting offers a unique and differentiated approach to build enterprise-wide engagement in IBP. 

An approach based on a track record of real-world leadership not just in IBP deployment but in commercial operations.

An approach based on credible communications and influencing, not just in the supply chain function but across the enterprise.

An approach that builds, embeds and sustains the IBP process the business needs.

Neil James
Neil James Founder Blueglass Consulting
  • Neil offers a unique combination of experience and expertise to deploy or enhance IBP;

    • 20 years senior leadership experience in both commercial and supply chain functions 

    • Experience of successfully leading deployment of global IBP in a £24bn turnover organisation

    • Track record of delivery in leading commercial operations including General Management of a £100m turnover business

    • Extensive experience in leading major cross-functional transformation projects  - communicating and influencing to achieve complex change across functions, geographies and cultures

    • Trained coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) award-winning team at GlaxoSmithKline with extensive experience as an executive coach 

  • Click here for Neil's detailed CV

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