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What We Do

Our focus is helping organisations to create and sustain a Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process with strong cross-functional partnership and alignment and which delivers tangible financial benefits.


Blueglass Consulting offers a unique perspective and range of capabilities on addressing this challenge.


Rather than driving S&OP as a supply chain process, we adopt an overall business perspective and build the engagement and participation of commercial and finance teams along with the supply chain function.  This helps the business to anchor S&OP as a core business process with clear and tangible benefits to the business.


We offer tailored support to clients who want to create a new S&OP or improve an existing approach.  This support typically includes one or more of the following elements;

Audit/Healthcheck of Existing S&OP

  • Apply standard assessment frameworks or create tailored framework

  • Carry out healthcheck assessments on the key components required for strong cross-functional S&OP

  • Identify good practice and areas for improvement

  • Create corrective action plans and/or continuous improvement plans

Creating Cross-Functional Engagement

  • Set up effective cross-functional teams and ways of working

  • Identify key success factors for cross-functional deployment and/or sustainable collaboration

  • Overcome collaboration barriers and building capability in the organisation to deliver cross-functionally

Stakeholder Management, Communications & Influencing Plans

  • Provide frameworks for diagnosing, planning and tracking influencing requirements

  • Coach individuals to apply practical stakeholder management  approaches

  • Directly support stakeholder management and communication, applying cross-functional understanding to ‘translate’ key issues and fully engage the target range of stakeholders

Change Management

  • Support diagnosis of change issues with practical tools

  • Identify and applying appropriate change methodologies

  • Co-create specific change plans with the relevant stakeholders and teams

  • Coach team members to embed and sustain change

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Support key stakeholders to understand, engage in and drive key aspects of the S&OP process

  • Accelerate the deployment of a high-quality process by providing 1:1 support for key stakeholders in real-time through the process

  • Coach and/or mentor process leaders to ensure the S&OP approach is fully embedded and sustained

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