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Deploying World-Class IBP

A Practical Guide

Blueglass Consulting is pleased to supplement its coaching and support services with a unique and practical e-learning programme on the deployment of Integrated Business Planning (IBP). This programme has been created in response to increasing demand across industry sectors for practical advice and guidance on how to deploy high-impact, sustainable IBP in an increasingly complex and volatile business environment.

Key Benefits of the Programme:

  • Builds on key learnings and case studies from many IBP deployments across industry sectors and explains the 5 Key Success Factors for IBP adoption.

  • Unlike most IBP education, this programme focuses on the most critical part of IBP, how to deploy it, rather than merely replaying the generic textbook design of IBP

  • Guides the user through a structured process of learning and accelerated creation of a tailored IBP roadmap which incorporates the key insights that drive deployment success

  • Provides a clear focus on building an enterprise-wide, cross-functional IBP process. The course author, Neil James, is uniquely positioned amongst IBP practitioners to coach on these topics, with a career track-record as a commercial VP and deployment leader for IBP in a major global business.

  • Packages including 1:1 coaching from the course creator are also available.


Who is it for?:

  • The programme is designed to support leaders with the responsibility to lead the deployment of IBP in their organisation. This might include;

  • A senior leader with overall functional responsibility for IBP

  • A senior leader with a key role in sponsoring their company’s deployment of IBP

  • The deployment leader who will head the design and deployment of IBP in the business

  • A leader who will participate in the core programme team


Note that this programme, unlike most IBP courses, is not targeted solely at the supply chain function. The programme is designed to provide critical insights and understanding for leaders across commercial and finance functions in addition to the manufacturing and supply chain teams, as all of these groups in the business are crucial to IBP adoption.

Watch the course introduction


How will it help me?:

The fundamental goals of the programme are to enhance the impact of your deployment programme and accelerates its design and execution.

It does this by:

  • Rapidly building understanding of key learnings from IBP deployments across industry sectors –  you get to cherry-pick the winning formulas that successful companies have found and avoid the pitfalls that have caused others to fail

  • Building an awareness of the critical resources and partnerships that you will need to drive a successful IBP deployment programme, and equip you to target and select these partners, either internally or externally

  • Guiding you throughout the programme to create your own high-level roadmap, which takes onboard not only these key learnings from other companies, but also ensures that you tailor these insights to the specific context in which you are deploying IBP. This roadmap will become an immediately valuable resource to support engagement of key senior stakeholders and as well as inform more detailed programme planning.

What next?​

Please contact Neil James at to discuss your needs and purchase the e-learning programme.

For further information, please download the information sheet on the Deploying World-Class IBP e-learning programme by clicking on the image below;

Slide 1.png

Course Information Sheet

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