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Videos on IBP deployment

Neil James has posted a series of 3 short videos on IBP deployment  - watch the videos below for some thoughts on key learnings and experiences from leading IBP deployment and also the unique new e-learning programme from Blueglass Consulting;

NEW: e-Learning programme on Deploying World-Class IBP launched

Blueglass Consulting has launched a new, 10-module e-learning programme 'Deploying World-Class IBP'. 

Rather than concentrating on the textbook concepts of IBP (which can now easily be found in abundance on Google) this programme focuses on what makes IBP adoption successful – HOW you deploy IBP in the real-world, in your business. And the programme is designed to lead you right from the first module to take on board key learnings and apply them immediately to create a practical high-level roadmap for your IBP deployment.

To download a summary of the programme, please click on the image below for further details.

Supporting IBP Deployment Leaders - Free Infographic

Neil James recently published a series of articles on the critical role of leadership in IBP deployment programmes and the key learnings in supporting these roles.

To download a complimentary infographic & executive summary of this material, please click on the image below.

S&OP/IBP Deployment - Coaching & Mentoring

In the context of COVID-19 and its impact on business, many organisations are now re-evaluating their use of S&OP/IBP and how to extend its application to increase business agility.

In response, Blueglass Consulting is currently publishing a series of blog articles on the topic of S&OP/IBP deployment which address the real-world challenges faced by deployment leaders.  With his broad hands-on experience of S&OP/IBP execution, Neil James offers coaching and mentoring to organisations aiming to kick-start their S&OP/IBP development. 

This service will also soon be complemented by an e-learning package with optional coaching add-ons. 

Contact Neil James for further information.

S&OP Article - Journal of Business Forecasting
(Spring 2020)

The latest article from Neil James on S&OP deployment is now published in the Journal of Business Forecasting.

Titled 'Building Advocacy for S&OP Deployment', it provides practical insights on the value of enterprise-wide S&OP to the Finance function and how to leverage this to drive effective engagement and take-up across the business. 

Partnership with Camelot Management Consultants

The partnership between Blueglass Consulting and Camelot Management Consultants continues and includes S&OP projects with clients across sectors but with a particular focus on life sciences.

See Neil James' blog articles on IBP on the Camelot website:

IBP as a core enterprise planning process

During 2019, Neil James published a series of articles on the Financial Management website of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), introducing IBP as an enterprise planning process and the importance of IBP for the Finance function- for further detail see our Blog pages:

Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF)

Neil James continues to contribute expert comment and analysis on the adoption and operation of Integrated Business Planning to the IBF blog site

Recent articles include practical advice and learnings on deployment of IBP and S&OP including key change management and leadership topics.

For further information visit:

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